Watercolour Pencils Studio Collection

This soft-core 12 Watercolour Pencil set is part of Winsor & Newton's new line of supplies, namely their 'Studio Collection of Coloured Pencils, Watercolour Pencils and Graphite Pencils'. We tried them on our Molecularis Coloring Flip Book and fell in love with them immediately, as they work really well on the semi-rough surface of the paper that we have chosen for Molecularis. Also, the Dots & Lines Puzzle Flip Book is a good match.

The pigments are bright and vibrant and their soft consistency makes the covering delightful. Of course as these are water-soluble pencils, their pigments are at their strongest once activated with water. The pencils will retain their point excellently, even under pressure, and can be easily re-sharpened to a precise point when worn down. The pencil set is beautifully finished and presented in a stylish metal tin embossed with Winsor & Newton’s iconic griffin logo.

Colors: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Soft Peach, Plum, True Blue, Azure, Grass, Lush Green, Burnt Sienna, Black.

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