Vincent van Gogh Flipbook

Interactive flipbook from our Collection "The Painters - Masterpieces in Motion", a tribute to some of the greatest painters of all time. Each of the ten 6-in-1 flipbooks contains six of each artist’s masterpieces, taking you on a journey from the brushstroke to the big picture. It also includes an augmented reality feature to discover the artist’s most important work.

Animated Paintings:
The Starry Night - 1889
The Postman - 1889
La Chambre à Arles - 1888
Café Terrace at Night - 1888
Vase With Irises - 1890
Wheat Field with Cypresses - 1889

135gr • 12 x 5 x 2cm • 240 pages 
Paper: Semi-matte coated 170 gr
ISBN: 978-84-125988-5-8

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