Solar System Flipbook Collection (and Displays)

Introducing the Solar System Display, a practical solution designed to enhance your retail space and boost sales of our Solar System Flipbook Collection. This display stand has been meticulously crafted to accommodate the ten flipbooks of the collection: the Sun and all the planets including Pluto and the dwarf planets.

The display fits three flipbooks of each design, 30 units all together, allowing for a comprehensive presentation of the entire collection.

It is available in four versions:

- Regular Display (without screen)
- Digital Display (video screen included)
- Solar System Starter Kit (regular) (30 flipbooks and the regular display)
- Solar System Starter Kit (digital) (30 flipbooks and the digital display)

We strongly recommend utilizing one of our displays for our resellers, as they effectively demonstrate the 3D Augmented Reality and the workings of the 6x1 trick, besides being an eye-catching addition to any retail space.

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