Powers of Ten Flipbook

Powers of Ten is a flipbook featuring two image sequences inspired by the emblematic short films of Charles and Ray Eames, reinterpreted by the artist, designer, animator, and tinkerer Kelli Anderson (A-Side) and interdisciplinary art director and digital artist Adam Pickard (B-Side). 

In 2015, Kelli created a small remake of Powers of Ten by stitching still images together by hand, frame-by-frame. All of the animation frames are found images from Google image search results. “Two people on a picnic blanket”, “hand on chest”, “earth from space”, etc. were plucked from their original contexts (where they were not congregating to form the Powers of 10) to recreate a false visual continuity.

The new flipbook edition of 2022 features a second animation on the flipside, created by interdisciplinary art director and digital artist Adam Pickard.

Adam used the inpainting feature of DALL·E (a text-to-image AI tool). He first entered a text prompt, then shrinked the image it output, leaving the surrounding area transparent. He then uploaded that to DALL-E and fill the transparent area with the next prompt, repeating this step 57 times and then combined all of the steps in After Effects.

394 pages / cm: 12 x 5 x 3.8 / ISBN: 978-84-126231-3-0 

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