Mirai Mizue Flipbook

Mirai Mizue is a representative figure of the Japanese independent animation scene, known for his unique and eye-catching abstract animation style. He is involved in a wide variety of projects that include independent animation and music videos, celebrated and distinguished at the world’s top animated film festivals.

Mizue creates his abstract films the old-school way by drawing and painting onto paper, but he uses digital compositing techniques to fantastic effect.

The Mirai Mizue flip book contains 6 vibrant excerpts of his work and also features augmented reality. Download the Artivive app and enjoy a two-minutes excerpt of Mizue’s magnificent movie WONDER, made over a full 365 days, with Mizue hand-drawing 8760 frames, one for every hour of the year.

cm: 12 x 5 x 2 / ISBN: 978-84-123451-7-9

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