Dou You Realize How Much? - The Space Edition

  • The card game about the stunning numbers of space.

    Have you ever wondered how long it would take you to get to the nearest star traveling in a commercial plane? Or how thick Saturn's rings are? Or maybe you want to know how much human waste there is on the moon?

    Do You Realize How Much? The Space Edition is a card game with 200 questions and answers that explores the mysteries of the universe and our intrepid attempts to conquer space. Spacecraft, distances, speeds, the solar system, galaxies and a great summary with dizzying facts about the cosmos and what happens in outer space.

    This card game is extremely easy to play, either in a couple or in a group, and the player who gets nearest to the correct figure wins. A real big bang for your brain.

    The deck of cards is also a flip book! Just sort the cards in the order of the numbers that appear in the top left-hand corner on the side of the questions and use your thumb to flip the cards to reveal the animation.

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