Cat's Birthday

In the fourth instalment of the best-selling Cat Flip Books series by popular illustrator and essayist Harumin Asao, an endearing feline prances about while celebrating its birthday, almost like a cartoon come to life.

Asao's latest work is filled with the enchanting mischievousness of this crotchety yet lovable cat, and will appeal to all ages. A Cat’s Birthday features two cute episodes depending on the direction you flip it from, one about a cat having a fun birthday, the other about a cat playing with a fish.

A shiny gold cover and a page for personalizing the book make it the perfect gift for someone celebrating a special feline’s birthday.

200 pages
cm: 4 × 10 × 2 / weight: 62 grams
Binding: softcover with slipcase

Japan, 2014
Seigensha Art Publishing

ISBN: 978-4861524387

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