Limited Edition Foil Bundle

  • This one of a kind Limited Edition is an exclusive bundle that includes a real fragment of mission-flown Kapton Foil that protected the Columbia Command Module during its re-entry to Earth. The unique piece is preserved in a small commemorative acrylic container that comes individually numbered and with your name on it. A unique collector's item for those who want to hold a real piece of human history in their hands.

    In addition, the bundle comes with the Apollo 11 Anniversary Flip Book Edition which includes two volumes and the Augmented Reality feature, and a deck of 70 Commemorative Cards - a great way to provide additional insight about the entire Apollo Program.

    Who were the astronauts, which spacecraft did they use, and which experiments did they perform during the different lunar explorations?

    The 70 neatly designed Commemorative Cards represent three different categories: the astronauts of all the Apollo missions, the science experiments set up at the landing site and the vehicles and hardware that brought them there – and back to Earth.

    For more information about the Apollo 11 - 50th Anniversary Edition, see our Kickstarter campaign.

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