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13 abril, 2021 2 Lectura mínima

It's been almost three years since the release of our first flip book Molecularis, an adventurous journey that has brought us many joys! 

Molecularis was first launched as a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter - more than 5000 backers supported us at that time and actually it was thanks to the success of Molecularis that we were able to take this project more seriously and start our own flip book publishing house.

To celebrate its third anniversary, we want to share with you all a free PDF that contains one of the six sequences inside Molecularis. In the following video tutorial and description we will show you how you can easily make your own Molecularis coloring flip book.



What you need: 

All you need for your self-made flip book are a few sheets of paper, a printer, scissors, some coloring pens and a paper clip (or two) that will hold the sheets together at the end. For the paper, it is best to chose a slightly heavier type (we took 170 gr), this gives greater stability to the flip book and makes it easier to flip. If you use watercolors or moist markers to color, you may want to use a paper type that is absorbent and doesn't curl when applying water.


Make your own flip book


Let's start!

Download the PDF and print it. Black and white is fine, but if you want to use the cover page in color, we recommend to print in color. Naturally, you can color the cover page yourself as well. 

Now pick one color for each of the shapes and color them in from one page to the next. It is important that the colors of each shape remain constant, otherwise you won't get the animated effect when you flip it. Of course you can also alternate the colors on each shape but the result will be much more experimental and the animation won't work as well. 


Make your own flip book


Next, cut the individual flip book pages along the dotted line and arrange them in the correct order, according to the numbers in the lower left corner. Make sure the pages are all aligned nicely and no individual pages are sticking out of the pile. 


Make your own flip book


Now secure the stack of paper by pinching the paper clip on the left side. Ready it is to flip!


Make your own flip book


Make it larger:

Since the PDF version contains only one of Molecularis' six sequences (30 pages), the flip book may seem a little slim when put together. The good thing is that all of Molecularis' sequences work in loop, that means the last page of the sequence transitions perfectly into the first one. 

So if you want to make your flip book a bit thicker to lengthen the effect of the animation, you can just repeat the whole procedure and put two or three sequences one after the other. If you are a bit lazy to color more pages, you can alternatively scan the colored pages one by one, print them (in color) and cut them out, this way you can make a giant flip book with 1000 pages. :)

Have fun folks and share your results with us @flipboku! ❤️


Make your own flip book


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