Apollo Commemorative Cards

As a complementary educational tool to our Apollo 11 Flip Book Set we have developed this deck of Commemorative Cards, for those of you wanting to gain additional insight, not only about the Apollo 11, but about the entire Apollo Program. 

Who were the astronauts? Which spacecraft did they use? And which experiments did they perform during the different lunar explorations?

To answer these questions, we created 70 neatly designed cards, representing three different categories: 32 astronauts of all the Apollo missions, 18 of the science experiments set up by the astronauts at the landing site of each of the five Apollo missions to land on the Moon, and 20 cards showing the vehicles and hardware that brought them there – and back to Earth. 

Each of the illustrated cards includes basic information of the displayed subject, and also includes a QR code that takes you to the specific page on Wikipedia where you can find out even more about each of the many components of the Apollo Program. 

You can also combine the cards into different groups by joining all the astronauts of a specific mission as well as their scientific experiments and vehicles, or turn it into a question-and-answer game and not only learn from it, but have a lot of fun with your friends and family.

And since we are flip book makers, we couldn't help but include a little flip book feature in the card deck! If you hold all the cards in the correct order, you will be able to see a 360º animation of the Lunar Module while flipping the cards with your thumb. 

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