The Creative Bundle

  • If you are into crafting and coloring, this bundle is a great combination to stimulate your creative side.

    It features our three best selling editions Dots & Lines Puzzle Flip Book, the Molecularis Coloring Flip Book and the Blanko Flip Book for freestyle animation, to let your imagination run wild.

    Dots & Lines and Molecularis feature our exclusive paper cutting technique, that lets you switch between the sequences by placing your thumb at the upper, middle and lower edge on both sides of the flip book.

    Apart from being fun, puzzles and crafting are wonderful brain-boosting activities, and people of all ages can benefit from their many positive attributes. In our hyperconnected world with its constant demands on our attention, focusing on a single task like coloring or completing a puzzle, allows us to connect with ourselves again and forget about our cell phones, computers and tablets for a moment.

    Enjoy them all together with a 10% discount.

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