The Snail Home in Wonderland

Japanese artist Mou Hitotsu no Kenkyujo once again delivers a fresh take on the traditional flip book by including spaces in his animated art that are later punched out of the paper. Flipping through the book, unexpected designs reveal secret compartments that play a role in the mini-narrative that unfolds.

In this instalment, a little bird visits a tiny domicile that is actually part of a living snail’s shell, perched on a leaf. A lantern bug crawls inside, but what happens to the homeowner next is extraordinary!

A hit in Japan, these artful “animated” shorts by some of the most exciting Japanese picture-book talents of today have sold nearly a million copies and are lighting up smiles all over the world.

216 pages
cm: 5 × 12 × 2 / weight: 130 grams
Binding: softcover with slipcase

Japan, 2016
Seigensha Art Publishing

ISBN: 978-4861524387

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