Dou You Realize How Much? - The Human edition

  • The card game about our human footprint and other exotic facts.

    Have you ever wondered how much time you will spend sleeping, brushing your teeth, waiting in line, or sitting on the toilet throughout your life? Or how many pounds of food you will chew? Or maybe how many liters of tears you will shed in your life?

    Do You Realize How Much? The Human Edition is a card game that answers these questions and much more. To be precise, 200 questions and answers that explore time, distance, resources, physiology, pollution, vices and a myriad of domestic and daily issues that no human can escape.

    This card game is extremely easy to play, either in a couple or in a group, and the player who gets nearest to the correct figure wins. Laughter and amazement are guaranteed.

    The deck of cards is also a flip book! Just sort the cards in the order of the numbers that appear in the top left-hand corner on the side of the questions and use your thumb to flip the cards to reveal the animation.

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