Claude Monet Flipbook

Oscar-Claude Monet (1840–1926) was a French painter and founder of impressionist painting who is seen as a key precursor to modernism, especially in his attempts to paint nature as he perceived it. During his long career, he was the most consistent and prolific practitioner of impressionism's philosophy of expressing one's perceptions before nature, especially as applied to plein air (outdoor) landscape painting.

Interactive flipbook from our Collection "The Painters - Masterpieces in Motion", a tribute to some of the greatest painters of all time. Each of the ten 6-in-1 flipbooks contains six of each artist’s masterpieces, taking you on a journey from the brushstroke to the big picture. It also includes an augmented reality feature to discover the artist’s most important work.

Animated Paintings:
Woman with a Parasol (La Promenade) - 1875
The Beach at Sainte-Adresse (La Plage de Sainte-Adresse) - 1867
Poppy Field (Coquelicots) - 1873
Garden at Sainte-Adresse (Jardin à Sainte-Adresse) - 1867
Impression, Sunrise (Impression, soleil levant) - 1872
In the Norwegian (En norvégienne - La barque à Giverny) - 1887

135gr • 12 x 5 x 2cm • 240 pages 
Paper: Semi-matte coated 170 gr
ISBN: 978-84-125988-9-6

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